How to Setup IMAP Email on IOS Device

Steps to follow how to set up IMAP email on IOS:

1. Go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords.

2. Tap Add Account.

3. Select Other as the account type

4. Tap Add Mail Account.

5. Enter your account details.

  • Name: this will be visible as the sender.
  • Email: the address you want to add.
  • Password: the password you use to log in to Webmail.
  • Description: a name for the account on your device.

   Tap Next to continue.

6. Select IMAP as the account type.

7. Enter your server settings:

Incoming server:

  • Host Name:
  • Username: your email account
  • Password: the one you use for Webmail

Outgoing server:

  • Host Name:
  • Username: your email account
  • Password: the one you use for Webmail

   Tap Next to continue.

8. Tap Save to create the account. Note that syncing of notes is not supported via IMAP, so we recommend disabling the option.

9. Tap the account you added.

10. Tap your account again to open your settings.

11. Tap Advanced at the bottom of your screen.

12. Check if the Mailbox behaviors are set correctly to make sure that your emails are saved in the right place.

      You need to select the following folders on the server:

  • Drafts mailbox: Drafts
  • Sent mailbox: Sent
  • Deleted mailbox: Trash
  • Archive mailbox: Archive

13. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and enter INBOX as the IMAP path prefix, all in capitals.

14. Your email account is now set up correctly.

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